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Boiling springs to Mason bridge

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Been a few years but not usually. 

Looks like the last time I did that stretch was July 2011. But I don't recall us seeing anyone. Probably did but it for sure wasn't a large amount. 

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8 minutes ago, Gavin said:

No...They put their floaters in upstream. Not sure If they are still in business,  They were incredibly disorganized on our last visit 2 yrs ago.

Dude. Don’t even get me started. I posted about them in late spring 2016. That place was a total $h!t show. Absolutely terrible experience. 

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Really not a fan of the boiling to mason stretch, or that outfitter if still in business. Disaster family trip there a couple years ago. We Had 3 Couples and 7 kids under 10 in or party and staying in the CG. The river came up 3-4’ overnight and we cancelled. Booked it day before and the ”Chief Moron” had the nerve to tell us we had to pay for the shuttle and the two boats we reserved if we floated or did not.  We did not pay for that. Doubt that we would have got the boats wet before noon if we had reserved  a 9am departure. 

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