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5 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

Love it, Jerry! 

I was in NYC a year and a half ago in the winter.  We drove by Central Park during the trip.  all of the trees were covered in hundreds of plastic grocery bags blowing in the wind.  I made a comment about them and my customer who livered there said: "yeah, best thing about summer is it hides all of our trash"

I HATE those things, I travel by auto¬†for business and those nasty things are everywhere‚ÄĒ worst dang invention I can think of. ¬†If I don‚Äôt have cloth bags with me at the store I make them use paper, and recycle as shipping overwrap¬†or recycle¬†collection bags tonam a couple¬†uses. ¬†Would suit me fine if they were banned.....


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5 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

Even though I grew up in a fairly small to mediocre sized town I remember in the early-mid '70s there was trash EVERYWHERE.  

Old stoves, washing machines, and refrigerator's littered the creeks and ditches.  Tires, old cars, rolls of fencing, busted farm implements, piles of shingles..... I'm talking BIG trash.

The scattered smattering of lightweight paper and plastic you see nowadays can't even hold a candle to how trashed this country was back then.   

No HOA I guess.  

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35 minutes ago, awhuber said:

No one has to convince me of climate change. Where I live, near the Current River, was once a tropical sea and today I woke up to zero degrees.

Agreed hahahaha the climate has been changing and will continue to change. No amount of tax credits or penalties will change that. Deniers???? Hahahaha give me a break

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