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I took family last May to the ash river area of lake Kabetagoma up by international falls...had a great time catching big smallmouth on poppers.

now my oldest wants to try Texas.  He is on spring break in two weeks...so I would like to take him.   

We have Oklahoma fishing license...so I was thinking Murray, Arbuckle, Texoma, McGee creek or broken bow...but he would prefer texas

I’ll be honest...I’m scared of lake fork...our boat is an old Lilleys landing rental g3...it’s a great boat...but not a big water boat.  I’ve heard horror stories about lake fork this time of year...my buddy Dave swamped his champion down there fifteen years ago.

ive done a little internet scouting...my buddy lives down by Sam Rayburn but again...giant lake in a small boat.  So that worries me...plus the alligator picture he sent me...I will try to post it.

lake Dunlap looks cool...but long way down there...any body have a suggestion for a smaller slash sheltered lake in Texas that has big bass?



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I was at Fork 3 years ago in my 17’ G3 bass boat.  You would be ok there, as long as you stay out of the main lake channel. We had a room in the Little Caney, and ventured over to the Big Caney with no issues. The Little Caney has all you need to catch big fish, without venturing to far. 




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