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Anglers in Action 3/23

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Finished 13th out of 100 boats today. When we weighed in we were sitting in 2nd. Then the A-Rig bags came in hard and heavy. 8.20 was big fish.  23 lbs won. Caught all fish on RK or Jerkbaitin.  14 ke

13 outta 100 , I'd take that finish  anytime, congrats Sprint! i think this needs to be addressed and considered by every angler who throws Arigs, and i will only mention this 1time and i'm done.

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killed his first carp when he was only three.

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity...... Or you could just flip a coin???B)

The words of Ron White are often rolling through my mind. Somedays they even apply to me!!! :dignose:

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8 hours ago, Champ188 said:



Oh my!  That is a must have!

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."  George Carlin

"The only money ever wasted is money never spent."  Me.

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2 hours ago, DADAKOTA said:

More and more fishing is becoming a video game.  Go to waypoint, find the fish on the graph and get your bait down to it.  Watch the fish eat and crank him in.  Less like fishing every day.  Don't forget to turn on your your hydrowave to put em in the mood to feed.   

Only if you're after deep fish. Nobody is forcing you to use electronics and video game it up out deep. There will always be bass up shallow where no electronics are needed at all, especially this time of year.

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