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Minn Kota vs MotorGuide ??? Help!!

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Phil, last winter I ruptured a lung and broke 3 ribs.  The lung healed properly.  The ribs didn't.  Pulling the rope was driving me nuts.  I sprung for the Ulterra with I pilot.  It was such a relief

Being able to retie or move around the boat without being blown off a spot is incredibly handy. No more do I have to gripe about the wind blowing the back of the boat towards where I am trying to fish

I've had an Ultrex since August 2017 and it rocks!!  @fishinwrench mentioned durability and I can tell you mine has taken a good ole fashioned beating since day one.  Drifting down river and it gets s

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4 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

It's on the Minn Kota website.  I think an Ultrex is 80 pounds

I was able to find shipping weights for the Ultrex in their FAQ. Site searches didn't yield any info regarding other models. When I purchased my Maxxum a few years back I was unable to come up with any weights by searching either.

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Two years ago I switched from a Terrova to an Ulterra with I Pilot. I could kick myself for not getting the Link as well. Because of the knarly work arounds for the transducer, I use the universal and settle for 2D. The way I fish the boat, all I really need is depth and sometimes school of fish depth.

I do not keep the foot pedal in the boat, but CARRY A SPARE FOB BATTERY!

The comments about not quick deploy/stow are correct, but the raise and lower the unit depth arrow works quickly if you need to avoid underwater trouble.

MinnKota's manual on deploy stow troubles: https://minnkotamotors.johnsonoutdoors.com/sites/johnsonoutdoors-store/files/product/minbowmountl3/1102495/ProductManual/MIN_productmanual_Ulterra-BT-Manual-Stow.pdf?_ga=2.13174583.1483395041.1553981476-1367744418.1553981476

Having said the above, I am seriously considering switching to the Ultrex Mega transducer with I Pilot Link.


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