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Bill Babler

Big Ed 4-2-19 Mucho Fun

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Bed and Breakfast Inn's of Missouri had their Spring meeting at Lake O.  What a good thing for me.😂  Got to go up and stay and fish with Ed and Debby Franko at Bass and Baskets about the 5 mile mark on Beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.  For those of you that don't know Ed, he is the ultimate good time.  Has a really good idea on whats going on at the dam area.  We fished from the 5 mile mark to the dam.

Water was pretty cloudy even by Lake Ozarks standards and ran from 47 to 51 degree.

After a pretty slow start on flat water, we got some breeze and the surface temps started to rise.  With that so did the bass and the bite.  We had 18  fish with 7 really nice keepers.   One being a Super Hog Mama.  I was more than holding my own, but the "Big Boy" caught the big girl on a custom painted megabass 110.  And get this, Birthday Cake was the custom color.




Ed has been custom painting some baits in his spare time and has just some super colors, a lot of them are really Table Rock sound and the Birthday cake is for sure one of them.  Here is a pretty good picture of it.  Opaque with violet purple back.  Just sounds like food.  Triple jerk, pause for several seconds.   They hit it when it was sitting still as usual.


We also caught them really good on a Jewel Spider Jig in Ozark Craw with a Eakins GP trailer.  Slow hop on the jig and they would swim off with it.


I did pretty well when I wasn't getting front ended on the docks and managed 5 of the keepers, I caught one on a stick bait and the rest on a jig, breaking one off at the end that might have been up there with Eddie Boy.


Always feels like going home on Lake of the Ozarks and it really is.

Locations we fished were inside secondary points, usually about  1/3rd. of the way back in the bigger coves.  Rip Rap transition to gravel with any type of a pocket handy and that seemed to be the deal.  Ed caught his jerkbait fish right on the bank, and I mean within 5 ft.   Jig fish were a little deeper, but for sure everything in the 8' and under range.


Most banks were the 45 degree type, but the flatter stuff had fish also.  Instead of depth transition, it is ledge to chunk to pea gravel up there.


Really good example of rock transition with the fish really close to the change.  Very shallow.  We saw quite a few crappie fishermen and they were fishing super shallow with a jig about 18" under a float right on the bank, same types of locations.

Great food, fantastic company and a green fish or two to make it the perfect day on my old stomping grounds.


If your looking for a great B&B on Lake O where the Bass fishing starts right from the dock, give Ed and Debby a call 573-692-6710.  I guarantee you lots of belly laughs, a good night sleep and the kind of Fishing and Folks that have made the Lake of the Ozarks one of Missouri's premier fishing and tourist destinations.

 It is kind of like here right now, its fixin to just get silly.

The thing about Lake O. is biggins live there and you can bass fish to catch them.  There not swimming 2.8" Keitechs 30 feet deep  to catch them.  Not knocking what I do for a living, but it is really nice to Big Boy fish once or twice a year.   Grrrrrr.

Good Luck






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