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2019 spring. Post them up!

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19 hours ago, Johnsfolly said:

Worse thing that I have done was to leave my bow on top of my vehicle. Then drive away. The parking area was icy when I got back to the car. So was paying attention to not falling than what I was doing with my bow. After about a 1/4 mile my bow slid off the roof and onto the road. Fortunately just got some scuff marks in the riser. No limb damage. Been shooting that bow for 6 years since that happened.

Worst one for me was: I left a fly rod on top of my car, drove away, realized it and drove back. It had stayed on top for a while and I ran over it before I got back to my parking spot. 

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Left my shotgun leaning up against a tree after a 2 plus mile hike out of the timber on U.S. National Forest not realizing until we got back into Forsyth after a successful turkey hunt a couple years ago.  Most relieved I've ever felt was pulling around the corner and seeing it right where I left it leaning up against the tree still and then passing another pulling in as we were leaving.

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On 4/29/2019 at 9:07 AM, Seth said:

Tagged out this morning with this guy. 22.5lbs, 1.25" spurs and a 11" beard. He's the tom I goofed up on Saturday morning. The bird roosted in the same area and went through the same clearing the previous two mornings so I got up 30 minutes early and slipped in pretty close to his bed room this morning. He wasn't as vocal today, but it didn't matter. After two gobbles on the roost, he pitched down just before 6am, stood around waiting for another nearby hen that would occasionally yelp. After she opened up, I let out two round of soft yelps, he answered and a few minutes later I heard him spitting and drumming just over the lip. I was ready for him this time and as soon as he came in to view and stuck his head out, I rolled him.


I had to throw his one in too just because I thought it was funny. The cat is named Pumpkin, but we like to call him Nosey Ned because he ALWAYS has to come inspect our critters that we harvest.


Trying Teenagehunter photo techniques?

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