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April15, Big M area

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Fishing was a little different today, caught 30 spots, not one largemouth or smallmouth.   Most came on a 3.3 Keitech on a 1/4 oz head, caught a couple on the swing jig/Menace and one on top water.  Fish were on main lake points and windy banks, usually in 5 -20 FOW.  

Caught 3 walleye, one was a keeper, a couple of crappie and even a rainbow trout, but no dang largemouth or smallmouth.  

WT 56, but I don't remember looking at it after 10 AM or so, I bet it warmed up later in the day.








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3 hours ago, liphunter said:

Well that's a variety you don't see often. If were anyone but you, I would tell them to check there meds!!! lol 

That's a very nice walleye.

Well...he always has pics so

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Been meaning to ask...........those Phoenix measureing sticks only measure 7 inches before the 10 inch mark is shone, right?  That's what I've been told............. makes the fish look longer!!!  Just a marking tool for Phoenix fishermen!!!!!!!!!  LOL!!!!!

Great day on thr lake........ and variety!  Well done!

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