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Coming to Bull Shoals

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Wife and I are coming to Bull Shoals for 2 weeks starting Friday. If you see this boat swing by and say hello.


We have been going to Table Rock but it is getting so crowded with all the tournaments and pleasure boats we decided to try Bull this year. Hopefully we can figure out Bull and catch some bass. No worries though about the bass as we are strictly catch and release and are just fun fishing so a pic and right back in.

We are not big trout fishers but we did hire a guide to take us out for something different. Hopefully it will be a good time.

Anyway if you see us out and about say hi. 

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6 hours ago, Fish24/7 said:

Best time of year to be there is April through May imo

If you need any lake tips I can help

Any tips to point us in the right direction to get started  would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for the offer!

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3 hours ago, aarchdale@coresleep.com said:

You probably will never go back to Table Rock.  Bull Is a Gem. What area of the lake are you staying?

We are staying in the white river state park below the dam. We wanted full hookups for the camper and the wife really liked that park. 

We have small lakes up here so can’t really run the boat so I am sure we will cover some ground to see the lake and run the boat some. LOL

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Thanks guys!! Some custom paints would be good. 

We will definitely go for the prime rib. 

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