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April 14-17 Indian Point - KC

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Came down with the family for the week and am fishing out of Indian Point.  Have been out a few hours each morning and again in the evenings.  Feels like I'm on a scavenger hunt each time I hit the water -- can't just repeat our usual patterns from prior late April to early May trips. 

Sunday and Monday evenings we found decent success just inside to halfway back on a pair of secondary points which were part of a larger cove.  Boat in 20'ish, fish in about 8-15, mostly on the ned.  Monday morning we found success on primary points (both relative to the main lake and the creek arm), out a hair deeper, with a 1/8 dirt ned and 3/16 watermelon candy tube being the ticket.  Although we didn't have massive numbers (8 Sunday, 17 Monday) or any giants over the first few days, the keeper/short ratio was one of the better ones that we've had in recent memory.  Most of the spots were chunky and the SM were all fighters.

Made the run on Tuesday morning down to Cow and tried ned/tube/shakey without a sniff.  Went up creek to the next point that had submerged timber and moved boat out to 30-35 ft.  Switched lures to 1/4oz keitech 2.8, and it was on.  5 to 8 count, then a slow retrieve.  Interestingly (or maybe not?), I switched halfway through to a jerkbait and found no love... so back to the keitech.  Pulled 7 off of that point, with another 4 drifting back out to main lake (staying 30-35 again).  Family hopped aboard for lunch and we fished by docks in a couple pockets, but only turned up a couple fish.  Tuesday evening ended up being a snooze fest with just a couple shorts to show for it on ned and drag baits in areas that had worked prior.

Wednesday's forecast - cloudy, moderate wind, yet still warm for comfort - motivated me to set the alarm early and make a run further up river hoping for a better bite .  Popped into a few north-side gravel pockets around the bend, without much doing on the sonar.  Several lost lures and 0 fish to show for it set the tone for the morning.  Any remaining enthusiasm was shot when I ran out of the last cove before Whiterock and got a few hundred yards into the main channel before the boat decided to check out like a grocery store clerk.  No odd noises prior, no warning beeps, no nothing... just 4k rpm to 0, like that.  After a brief troll to nearest dock, I found that my fuel filter had decided to work loose.  I guess filters should be checked more than every 5-6 years -- note taken.  Tightened it back down and she fired right back up.  Made my way up to Schooner to confirm prior reports that there are indeed no fish there.  Lol.  Heavier rock snot out to 10' or so.  Saw some beds, but no fish on em.  Tried ned, tube, shakey, keitech, split shot centipede, and a fluke through the first few points, pockets, and docks on the east side with no luck fishing inside of 25'.  Higher powers took mercy on me by blowing me deeper and allowing me to hook up with a short spot in about 30' of water on a chunkier/steeper point (2.8 again).  With the wind really going by then, it was mission accomplished and back to the condo.  While tying up back at the dock, had a pair of blowups only a few feet away.  Determination renewed, I retrieved the keitech rod from storage and doubled my fish count for the day.  Opting for eggs and bacon this morning, then Fritz's for the kids.  Back out later on today.





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Great report, 2 of us fished the lower lake out of State Park Wednesday. Had liitle luck off points with Kietechs. Headed upstream towards Indian Point. Found some fish in behind the boat dock blowing up on a bait ball. My swimbait barely hit the water and it was engulfed by a 3 1/4# LM caught 3 more there. Tried some coves up in the creek with occasional luck. Got out more on the main lake and started hitting coves. Found the SM all along those banks, better towards the back. Like you said the keeper/short ratio was high. Caught probably 30 between us with most running 16-17". 4to 12 FOW with ned, occ.swimbait.  Lots of empty nest , finding an occasional one occuppied.



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