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Spring river 4/19

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With the weather forecast coming out last friday thought the Spring would be blown out but checking levels Sunday night showed the flow around 2000cfm so made plans to head down Monday morning. Forecast was for strong wind from the north keeping it cooler. Got down to the cc ramp around 7:30, prabably 10 rigs there. Several boats were right at the ramp area fishing. The river looked quite a bit lower but was able to launch. Wore my leaky Simms waders instead of bibs so I could get the boat launched easier and maybe do some wet wading at the gravell bar. Headed up river and hit some gravel ,so it was definitely lower. Followed ther channel up the left side and encountered another gravel bar. A fellow boater said I didn't need to go further that the fish were here. dropped the anchor and preseeded to catch whites. Not every cast but close. Had 13 after about 30 minutes, smaller males mostly. Decided to head up to the gravel bar in search of larger prey.A fellow flyfisherman was just above me pulling in fish cosistently. Mostly crappie he said so I started. He was right most running 10"-11". Caught a larger one every so often and in the cooler with those. Made a trip up higher in the river.; the wind hit me hard on the north/ south section. that and the current meade it difficult. Back to the gravel bar. The high banks and tall trees on the north bank  took care of the strong breeze. Chartreuse and white clouser worked well in fact one fly would have caught all 67 of my fish if I had not lost it on my trip up river. Left around 1PM . Talked to one fisherman at the ramp and they had gone farer up river and found some larger whites. Looks like the most of the whites have spawned and are coming back down. The crappie still had eggs so there is still time for them. Endeed with 67 fish Few more crappie than whites. Brought home 13crappie and 8 whites which is my limit when it come to cleaning fish.

0.jpgFellow Fly fisherman at gravelbar with his stringer

0-1.jpgRiver down means lots of carcasses on the bank 


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