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Hello fellow fisherman. I haven't been on lately. Primarily because Ive been too busy to fish. However, I did just fish a MSHP tournament on the 18th at The Rock! Fishing was great! Started off on north facing banks throwing a red custom painted rock crawler just inside secondary pea gravel banks. Immediately caught two smallies almost 3lbs each in about 8 fow. So we had almost 6lbs in the boat by a little before 7. Fished a couple more hours with only a couple shorts. My buddy didnt dress appropriately for the weather. He got too cold so we headed back to the truck to get some dry clothes for him as it had rained all day.  As he was getting some dry clothes I continued fishing switching to a kitech to avoid all the snot on the r.c. hooked a nice one but lost him pretty quick. We were now in a south facing cove both fishing the swim bait and made quick work getting our five. In this cove we culled out 4 or 5 times. With a total of almost 16lbs taking first place. Pretty much kept the boat in about 20 to 25 feet and fishing the guts of the coves. The large mouth which weighed 3.57 came in about 1 foot of water. Good luck to all! Cant wait to get back. Sorry if this was the second post. For some reason on my end it wasn't showing that it went through.



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