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Fun Day on the Water

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Started fishing about 1pm just after the rain finished. Put in at Cooper Access and went up to about Trout Hollow and fished the opposite side down to Lilley's Landing three times. There was four of us in the boat and we caught six or seven decent rainbows using 3/32 jigs. Sculpin/peach or ginger with brown and orange speckled heads all caught fish. Went down to the landing and one in my party caught a couple out in front of the BP restaurant on power bait mouse tails with split shot.

The real fun began when we went up into Turkey Creek. I had never gone up into the creeks before, but based on the recent One Cast reports we figured we had to try since things were a bit slow so far and we needed a break from the wind. Pretty much just let the wind push us back into the creek and slowly trolled further up. Jigs weren't working and decided the creek reminded me of being at a trout park in my youth. So, dug a rooster tail out of my box that has been in there idle for probably 20 years. Caught a stocker on the first cast. Then caught another and another and another. Then caught a 13" rainbow followed by several 12" bows. Rest of the boat went digging for rooster tails. By this time we were just past the wooden deck thing on the water's edge and caught a 16" brown. For about 30 minutes we were catching fish on almost every cast. We went back to the mouth of the creek and repeated several times. Never was as good, but the boat didn't go long without someone catching a fish.

By 6pm we anchored at the mouth of the creek and caught several more before heading in. Many were larger than stockers and the fish seemed very energetic, which made them a lot of fun to land. 1/8oz gray-white rooster tails worked best. Several were caught on a variety of rooster tail colors, little cleos, and even white maribou jigs with pink head I tied on for the heck of it towards the end of our day.



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