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My wife brings animals home.

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This is not unusual, we have had opossum, several hawks and owls, now this baby groundhog.

I know we are probably in trouble somehow.

Well, if the conservation agent who monitors this web site (yep, I know😁) would like to come to the house you can pick this little guy up.



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Cute!!! 🤗

Hey, according to them it's perfectly fine to catch bass and transport them all over the place constantly and endlessly, just for kicks......So why not the same number of other critters ?

If I get a hankering to hug a feral hog and take it somewhere else for my enjoyment then bygod I'm gonna.  IMO regulations that are contradictory, and that make no sense whatsoever, to anyone, deserve to be ignored.

All you pro-life conservation agents should be throwing anyone with pregnant female Bass and Crappie in their livewells IN JAIL!  Talk about contradictory!   On one hand you say that life begins at egg form.....but on the other hand it's ok to possess THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of sub-legal sized fish.   How does that work in your head?

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