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Shell Knob 4/26-4/28

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I had a great trip on the lake again this past weekend.  The fishing changed continuously, and I was able to catch fish a number of different ways.  

WT: 61 (mornings)--68 (afternoon)

Clarity: 15-18 feet (white jig test)

Average Depth:  boat was 20-50 feet depending on technique used

FRIDAY:  Based on recent reports, I started on bluff ends with a Keitch 2.8 (Electric Shad or Pro Blue Red Pearl).  I placed my boat in 40-50 feet and through parallel and across the point.  Counted it down 5-10 and slow steady retrieve.  Rod would thump or just load up.  Most of the fish were fat Spotted Bass (12-16 inches).  I was only catching 2-3 per point.  I also caught a bonus 17.5 inch Walleye.  I was really hoping to get 2-3 more keeper Walleye for dinner.  I also threw a Ned, Neko Rig, and Fluke up shallow.  I was able to catch fish, but not as consistent as the deeper fish.  Later in the afternoon, I fished one pocket and caught a nice 3lb Smallie up shallow in a white Menace (lost this fish 2 times).  Two cast later, I hooked a 3lb Largemouth on a white fluke.  I finished the day with another 3lb Largemouth out of another pocket where we have our dock.  Overall, it was a fun day.

SATURDAY:  Started out with a Redfin, and I caught 3 smaller fish, but it was not getting much interest.  I went back to the Keitech and continued to catch fish throughout the morning.  When the wind came up, I tried a jerkbait and caught one small fish.  I went in for lunch, and had to think of a new plan.  I decided to throw on a War Eagle 3/8 oz Spinnerbait with a 3.8 Keitech and fish the windy pockets.  Overall, I think it saved my day.  In the first, 15 minutes I had 4 fish including a 3lb Largemouth and a nice Smallie.  The bite was jarring, and fun.  I caught probably 12-15 fish.  Late in the afternoon, I went to the back of Mill Creek and threw a Wobblehead with a Red/Watermelon Menace.  I hooked 4 fish in a short period including a 3lb Smallie.  The day ended really well.  

SUNDAY:  I went to a point with some deeper cedars and threw a 110 for a bit, and the first fish was a nice healthy Largemouth.  It was the only jerkbait fish of the day, but I did miss two other hits.  The best fish of the day was a 19" Walleye (went home to a very excited grandmother).  The colder temps had an impact on the fishing for me early.  Fish seemed less active, and I was not getting as many bites on the Keitech.  However, I did catch more fish on the Wobblehead in about 10-15 feet range.  I only had a half day to fish, so I can not say how the fishing was the remainder of the day.  

Best Pattern:  Longer points leading to spawning pockets.  Wind blown pockets.  

Best baits: 2.8 Keitech, Wobblehead (3/8oz) with a creature bait, 3/8 oz Spinnerbait, and white fluke.  I think you can fish the way you want to and still catch fish.  This is just what I enjoy.  However, be prepared to change techniques with the conditions.

Thank you all for the information, I hope this will help someone have a blessed trip with family and friends in the near future.  Tight Lines and All the Best!



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