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Catch up on Maryland Catching

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Haven't been taking the time to post any of our trips lately. Been trying to get a few species for Livie. We tried going to a couple oftributary creeks of the Susquehanna to get her on some hickory shad. We started fishing Octoraro Creek, which reports indicated held plenty of shad. We fished tandem rigs with shad darts. Broke off a bunch but no bites and we headed upstream. Switched to a tandem rig with small spoons. Finally we caught the first fish, a feisty white perch.


We caught more on silver PET spoons and on gold Marathon spoons. We both lost bigger fish on the gold spoons due to the hook breaking free of the spoon body. We stopped using the gold spoons and stuck with the silver ones. I got a couple of small walleye which was a surprise from this small creek.


Against Livie's advice we moved upstream to another bigger pool.



Caught a few more nicer white perch. We had been seeing quite a few larger fish jumping all over the creek. Livie cast and hooked into something big that ran and pulled drag and finally broke off the line. Thought it was a carp. Three casts later Livie caught and landed her very first walleye. Just over 15" in length. Never did catch a shad in this creek.


Livie was done, but I wanted to try the Deer Creek confluence. Went back to tandem shad darts and caught quite a few white perch including one that may be the largest that I have ever caught.

Deer Creek - White perch (PB) - 28Apr19.jpg

I landed a small striped bass just as I was getting my license checked by a warden.

Deer Creek - Striped bass - 28Apr19.jpg

Just at dusk, I caught my first hickory shad of the year. Only caught the one before it was getting dark and we went home.

Deer Creek - Hickory Shad - 28Apr19.jpg

I have been talking with a friend about catching an eel. I found a tidal creek near our house that eels have been collected previously. I wanted to try to chum with a block of minced chicken liver and worms to try to get Livie an eel. I dropped a frozen block of the chum just off the bridge. We fished a different fishing pier and had very little luck. Just before dusk we went back to the bridge and fished worms just off the bottom. Livie caught the first fish, a white perch.

Livie - White Perch - Bolingbroke Crk - 04may19.jpg

I caught one as well. Livie caught another first - a brown bullhead.

Livie - Brown Bullhead - Bolingbroke Crk - 04may19.jpg

Since I have caught them but don't have a photo of one, Livie let me catch the next few fish. Only caught another white perch and two white catfish. Not a bad night. Will still have to get an eel.

White Catfish Bolingbroke Crk - 04May19.jpg


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