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Shell Knob 5/18 - 5/19

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What a few days on the water, many ways to catch them so if you get bored doing one thing go onto the next.  Saturday I threw the mag draft shallow and followed it up with a wacky rigged senko for most of the morning.  Time is getting limited to catch them shallow so i figured id take advantage, had a dandy 5lb 10oz fish and another 4lb with endless amounts of short and keeper sized fish.  if they wouldn't commit to the big swimmer they would show themselves with a follow.  Made a mental note and could pick them off with the senko.  Storms came rolling in and did some damage to our trees but were able to get it all cleaned up by dark.

Ran into Bill at the Shell Knob ramp this morning and was happy to read his post as today was just a banger.  Started with the Mag Draft after there was a boat on the point i wanted to start on.  Caught a few and promptly went to the point I was after when the boat vacated after a few casts.  Ended up sitting there for 2.5 hours and loaded the boat similar to Bills findings.  90% of these fish came on a 1/4oz head 3" swim bait.  the remaining on a wake bait when they would surface.  Didn't keep track of numbers but when i didn't get bit on a cast i was wondering what i did wrong, just one after another.  Most of these being solid keep spots with a few LM mixed in, even 1 crappie mixed.  Ran back up to the mouth of the kings and found 2 more locations with similar results.  All in all a great 2 days of catching, most of these fish with my boat in 50-80ft, fish down 20-30ft

I will have to say those MLF boys sure were blazing around, it amazed me how fast they could run up on a spot, turn the key off and have a cast in before coming off plane haha!  from what i could see the majority of them were fishing shallow.  They sure do run around alot




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196, healthy looking fish. Sounds like you had a memorable day. 


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