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4 minutes ago, tjm said:

 I don't recall ever taking a smb on a popper

Learn to skate a gurgler across the current. It isn't a big fish deal and the hookup ratio absolutely sucks, but you aren't going to have any more fun fishing than that. 

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Have had 20”s on but haven’t sealed the deal.  It’s only a matter of time    

I've only had two FOR SURE 20" smallies in my boat. My PB 20.5" came while fun fishing one evening on the Gasconade and my buddy Tommy caught a 20.5" 4.38 pounder on the Gasconade in a tournament last

I have caught 6 over 20 one of those were from Table Rock lake. I use hand made Jigs with gami’s or black nickel Matzou’s for hooks I dress the streamer with a mixture of grey craft fur and SLF  I swi

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14 minutes ago, Seth said:

Exactly. If the conditions permit, then I see no reason why the fly rod wouldn't work great. In fact, I think it could be a darn good tool for largemouth fishing on the rivers since they like to tuck up next to cover right on the banks when the water is slightly high. I target those fish with spinnerbaits most of the time, but I'm sure I miss certain nooks and crannies that hold fish due to wasting time reeling my lure back in to cast back out. I'm pretty darn efficient when it comes to pounding a bank with a spinnerbait too (high speed reel, not switch hands to roll cost, close quarters). A big white and/or chartreuse streamer or popper could nail those fish if you can put it in the right spot since they usually bite within inches of the bank.

Yep, I’d say you already know how to catch Smallmouth with a fly rod, at times it’s identical to casting. If you don’t already have one get a 7 or 8 wt. and have at it.

The only advice I could offer is learn to cast efficiently, (not like Bill Dance). 

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Most folks that haven't gotten into it think flyfishing for bass is a big-time finessy thing, but it's the total opposite.  My bass flys raise more hell, create more flash, and just generally create more of a disturbance than just about any typical "lure" is capable of.  And I usually work them loud and fast, or with frequent pauses if that's what it takes.  IMG_20170826_122802717~2.jpg



If you gotta get deep into cover to get bit then this lead eyed Mudbug usually gets it done well enough for me that I don't feel the need to reach for casting gear. IMG_20170810_003637.jpg

Kinda hard to judge size in those pics, but every offering is definitely a mouthful. And unless I've showed it to them personally there's a good chance the fish have never seen anything like it before.....so it works.

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As unimpressive as it looks, this one here is the one that almost always get it done.  Just something about the translucency and the way it moves, it looks alive even when suspended motionless.   It is my hands down best fly for Smallies and temperate bass 75% of the time.  IMG_20171202_225801010_LL~2.jpg

With this one being a close second when the water is kinda dirty.IMG_20150904_164342.jpg

It's that fat round head pushing water that does it.

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7 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

You have a vice !   Get busy! 😊

I'm offering my services as a favor.  I don't want to invest a bunch time and money on materials for a mythical fly that is unproven.  Hence the sampler pack to verify effectiveness.:D 

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