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Cajunangler and I survived another overnighter. We try to do as many of these as we can, but my work schedule, weather, and real life issues have been getting in way a lot the last couple of years. I used to think things would get better. I’m not at all sure that’s ever going to happen. 

It’s so much fun on these trips. As much as is possible leavie all the BS real world stuff at the put in and just fish and goof off. We (I) were  only able to get away for one night this time around. We prefer two nights. Three nights is a little too much and I think four nights would kill me. Time is taking a toll on this perpetual kid. I haven’t learned how to pace myself very well. I haven’t adjusted to my diminishing physical abilities very well. 

We had good water. We got lucky with the weather. We caught a tremendous number of fish and We had some Good ones. Nothing over 18 inches though. Catch and release works. Lots of these fish had been caught before,  but Not everyone that fishes knows how to remove a hook properly apparently.

Our campfire supper was delicious and nutritious. Chef Johnny is outstanding. I highly recommend him. Grilled chicken and fresh grilled veggies with a  toasted ciabatta. Excellent!

The large number of floatable streams in Missouri and Arkansas is truly a blessing. If you can, you should do one of these trips. I can foresee a day when I won’t physically be able to manage these trips anymore. That is starting to make these trips a little bittersweet.

We of course released all of the fish we caught and we of course left the river cleaner than we found it. It astounds me that people will choose to throw their trash down on a gravel bar for someone else to deal with. 

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