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Headed to chase some smallies

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4 hours ago, Moonlighter said:

Been catching several smaller smallies around my place and some small goggle eye and brown trout, but I just can’t catch the bigger fish.  

Welcome! 👋

If you're "on the river" and catching browns then you are below Prosperine.  And above Leadmine, right? 

Are you the new Blue Spring owner?


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Strike King Bitsy Tubes...is that what you’re using? I’ve caught 80% of my smallmouth on those. I shove 1/8 oz crappie jigs up the them for the hook. Various topwater baits are effective. I have had good success recently on the whopper plopper 90 and torpedos. Walk the dog lures are popular too. 

I pretty pretty much have those two tied on at all times. I usually have three rods. The third rod has a HD craw, Bomber Model A real craw, jig and pig, or Ned rig. 

A lot of people only fish the really obvious spots on a river. You know, the ones that look like they just hold fish. Don’t overlook other areas.

-Push water: the area above a rapid where the water kind of pushes/rises before going over the rocks.

-Shallow areas with current that are off the main channel: a lot of people I fish with will be casting into the deep area in the current. There are definitely fish there. If I see current moving on the other/shallow side, especially if there is a lot of low hanging limbs from the bank, I cast there and almost always catch more fish. 

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On 6/23/2019 at 1:15 AM, Moonlighter said:

I’m about 2 miles below Blue Spring.  Just a dumb football coach tryin to figure out the river.  

Where are you coaching football at? 

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