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Maryland Sika Stag project

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While chasing after the elusive creek chubsucker back in March, my daughter found a roadkill sika stag.

Sika roadkill Talbot CO 10Mar19.jpg

The county that we were in at the time does not have a large population of these non-native deer. So it was a surprise to find a sika, let alone a stag. Not having a suitable bag to take the head back with us, we buried the carcass with leaves to find it and let the beetles work on it before we came back for the head. Jump ahead to May. We were headed back home from an out of town trip (likely fishing related :D) and I decided to see it the carcass was still there and how it looked. We were able to find it and the beetles were working hard to clear the bones. I was able to get the head and removed as much of the remaining skin and flesh that I could, bagged it and took it home. Once at home I buried the head in the compost pile to let nature to continue to clean it up. Three weeks ago I pulled the skull and boiled it to remove the last bits of flesh. Dried it in the sun. The next step was putting it into a 25% bleach solution for about 25 - 30 mins to bleach the skull. After strong rinses again back outside in the sun. Last couple of days I hit the inside and outside of the skull avoiding the antlers with a matte finish clear coat to protect the bone and give it a nice finish.

Livie with her 3 x 3 trophy!




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