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Last Week Around the Dam - Piggy Backing Bablers Report

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Didn't post a report but was down last weekend with the bro and topwater around the dam was on fire. Caught them pretty much all day on it. Caught them shallow in the back of pockets and also deep main lake stuff. Caught them on an unnamed Tim Hughes custom painted bait that I only know of one other in existence. 🤐 Mostly all quality largemouth too. Waker caught them 4-1 versus poppers or dog walkers. Nothing huge. Biggest was about a 3+LM. Did have a diesel smallie around 4lbs torpedo the waker and not get it one morning. Looked like one of those Great White videos of them smashing seals off the coast of South Africa. Just a vicious blow up. Gotta get out there early as the best time for that is starting at 5 and ends around 7 for the real hot action. Whites were mixed in with the browns/blacks on the main lake. Get while the gettin' is good.

Will also add that they liked the big worm after dark. More-so than the jig. Gonna have to get with Bo to show me how to properly use his products. 😁







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5 minutes ago, Bill Babler said:

Do I know what that wakebait looks like.🎃

You should. Unless your mail man took a fancy to it before it hit your mailbox. 

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