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Elite Black Widow rules

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took knickmeyer fishing down to the lower end last night.  lots of boat traffic until around 10:30.  bass are on the move, and you need to be too to track some catchable ones down.  we jumped aroun looking and finally found two spots with a good number of bass hanging around.  both were further back in big coves.

we caught most of them last night on the 1 oz. Elite Black Widow.  flatter terrain and most were more in the 20 ft. range.  knickmeyer actually had the biggest one, brownie, but after banging it on the side of the boat two or three times, finally getting it onto the back deck, it flopped back in again, and was gone.  oh well, got all the good out of it, but would have been nice to show you a pic of this toad.  i took a pic of a pretty good one and knickmeyers was quite a bit bigger.  we ended up with 16 keepers and all brownies.

had to have lots of shad as usual.





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