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Global warming report UN circa 1989

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Unless we get a mega burst of heat, this summer will be one of the coolest I have experienced in my 59 years, can’t ever remember it staying under 90 this late into the summer, from the long range forecast looks the same, I think last year hit 100 just once...if anything the trend over the last few years has been colder and wetter...I remember the fear of a return to an ice age in the late 70s early 80s....went on my 1st Canadian fishing adventure in June of 1980...the day we left we stopped at the old consumers grocery store in Carthage and the remnants of the ginormous ice/snow pile from so many cleaning off the parking lot and street plowing was still a melting black blob ice pile colored by the cinders they used to spread on everything then, pile was still the size of a VW beetle, finally giving up its grip in the 3rd week of June....get to lake of the woods and the ice had just left the weekend before...pike...yellow perch, muskies, all 1sts for me...was an interesting trip for a 19 year old, seeing things like porcupines, snowshoe hares in summer coats, pine martens, moose and the plethora of northern water fowl on the lake, loons, grebes...everyone should experience a Canada trip at least once.....anyways below is a link to that 30 year old report, keep that in mind next time someone screams carbon tax








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20 minutes ago, MoCarp said:

The reason they don’t say global warming now, it’s climate change




Did you forget how the previous winter was mild and dry? Dad was out in Colorado hunting elk in December of 17 in areas that had 6' of snow this past December when we went. There were portions of the midwest in extreme drought conditons last May where as most were dealing with too much rain this year. You can't claim the climate has changed just because weather patterns vary each year.

You got any data that shows temps dropping on a global scale? Everything I've seen shows it going the other way.

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