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Left the house Monday at 0730. Got to Memphis in plenty of time. Flight to Phoenix was on a tiny plane. I couldn’t even stand up to get down the aisle. Phoenix to Vancouver was better. 

Up early the next day to Masset on Chartered 737. Comfy. Then a quick helicopter hop to the lodge. 

Got settled in and took off to catch some fish. Took off and hit wind and tide huge swells. Total beat down. Got to Andrews Point and got baits out. I immediately started feeling bad. Lower Back hurt and I was cramping. I tried to fight thru it, but after 30 minutes I had to go in. 

Langara has a nurse onsite 24/7. I never thought I would need her help, but I sure did. The jarring boat ride knocked loose kidney stones. I traveled a long way to be unable to fish. My traveling buddies whacked em. I got IV fluids, Toradol, and IV morphine. 

I couldn't pass the stones until this morning. It was a long hard night. I had to rest until midday. 

I got out this afternoon. Weather was iffy, but I caught a few Coho’s and a Ling Cod. I was thrilled to be pain free and fishing. 


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Ouch!! Glad that you got medical attention buddy. That could have been brutal to deal with on your own.

Nice salmon, can't wait to see more from your trip!

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Little Ling Cod. Quickly released. 

I cant explain how much the kidney stone hurt nor the stress of thinking I might not get to fish at all. 

I still have significant levels of PTSD that another stone will drop. 


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This was the smaller of the two halibut Zi caught this morning. He was 131 cm and the legal max is 129z 

i got amucj larger one boatside. Longer than me. Way too big to keep and no way to safely get it in the boat. 

I never want to catch one that BIG again. 


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