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Shell Knob 7/27 and 7/28

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That is a nice report. A buddy and I were down there fishing all of last week also. We really struggled. Now, we dont get to fish Table Rock very often so it is a big learning curve for us. We realize we cant go down there and beat the bank. Especially this time of year. We went point hopping for the most part and focused on 25-30 fow. We threw our boxes at em! Jig, spoon, crankbait, top water, carolina rig, shakey head, ned and drop shots. No love. Now, we also only fished once in the early morning, 6 to 10, and i had 7 bass with a nice 3.2 smallie and missed another keeper. My buddy had 5. We are kinda on a vacation so we are up late at night enjoying ourselves. But we thought with the decent temps, 82-85, some cloud cover and a new moon it was time to go!! Very interesting reading 196Champ's report. I bought a new Lowrance Elite Ti and i am still trying to figure it out. I did find some fish on my screen that looked a lot like the screen shot he posted. 50 fow in the mouths of coves/cuts with fish suspended down around 25-30 feet. We counted down with our drop shots but didnt catch anything. But we didnt stay with it very long! In conclusion: 1) I HAVE TO learn this graph! 2) I HAVE TO learn how to fish for suspended bass down there. Thanks for the report 196Champ and the screenshot. And let me add that we still had a great time down there at that beautiful lake!!

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