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Fished All Around Florida Sunday.

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1 hour ago, Flysmallie said:

So you are saying that the same guys that said there were no lions in Missouri for years are the people to believe? The same people that can't find bigfoot? (It's aliens by the way. That's why they don't find any dead ones, or where they live. Look at UFO sightings in relation to bigfoot sightings.) And also the same people that can't find the Ozark Howler? I think I'll believe the guys I know before I believe the government. 

I had a chupacabra in my backyard but nobody believed me

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Back in the 80's, we were doing a graduate study of fishes in the Whitewater River system.  Our findings extended the range of a Pirate Perch and a Lamprey we found attached to a Smallmouth Bass during our collections.  They may be still preserved in formaldehyde at Semo U.  But our science was fully documented in a research paper.

Sorry that I did not collect the venomous reptile as proof for the doubter.  There would be one less in the world. Any other place than a public boat ramp, his story may have ended with a bang.



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