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Shell Knob 8/1 to 8/5

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I was able to get back down to Shell Knob for a few more days, fished mostly from 6:00AM - 10:00AM and a few days from 11:00 - 3:00 or so while the gal floated boat side soaking up some rays.  The bite was VERY slow mid day, as expected, but could find a few good flurries of active fish from time to time.

Fished some of the same areas as last week, bluff ends and mouths of coves for suspended fish.  Threw in a few new to me main lake docks that really produced as well. 

Baits of Choice - 3" swim bait on a 1/4oz head, fished dead slow.  3/4oz Dixie Jet flutter Spoon, Dixie Jet gizzard spoon, 7/8oz jigging spoon and a few on top.

The swim bait by far produced more numbers but the flutter spoon got better quality.

Had to trying out that bigger gizzard spoon and had a blast, even a crappie decided to give it a go, not sure how that one stayed pinned but managed to get it aboard.

most fish on the main lake were down 20-30 or way down there at 60 or so.  overall depth didn't seem to matter again, just had to find the bait.

I did lose a very heavy fish on the big spoon in a deep dock, gave me 3 or 4 big head shakes, a few big runs and came unbuttoned.  A few days later i was fishing the same dock when a big school of fish came up busting shad in the boat slips, some very nice fish in that group and noticed several large walleye mixed in.  It was a sight to see only lasting a few seconds but very interesting to see what all lived under there.

Pulled up to take the boat out one morning and a float plane showed up at the ramp, drove right up the ramp next to the truck and parked, was able to get a pretty neat video of him driving it right up on shore, something you don't see everyday!

I wont be able to get down again until Labor Day weekend and have a lot of work to do but plan to try to get out early for a few hours

Did have 1 dandy Large mouth on the spoon that weighed 5lb 2oz.











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I use the gamakatsu stinger hook, it comes pre rigged with a braid type loop that you can attached to the split ring or swivel of the spoon.

I always try to make sure that stinger hook is on the cupped side of the spoon not to impeed the flutter action.  That could just be me being very particular.  

I haven't had any doubles the last few trips but it does happen more often than you might think.

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We'll be back Labor Day also. Would love to catch fish on a spoon, seems all I do when I tie one on is stretch my line out 😁

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