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Fog on the water

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I fished Friday August 2 and Saturday August 3rd on upper Lake Taneycomo in thick fog during the afternoon and evening hours.I saw numerous boats without running lights on in the fog both drifting and running.Even saw 2 jet skies put in at the upper boat ramp and take off downstream running at an unsafe speed in fog so thick that they disappeared in less than 35 yards.One guy in a white mako was was very hard to see.People never cease to amaze me as to how they have lived so long.

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started at 1pm from cooper creek launch ramp and ran to the cable at the dam.Water level was 712 with 4 units running at almost 13,000 cubic feet.Water was swift and clear.Threw jigs of various sizes and colors on both 2 and 4lb test with little luck.Tried drifting with egg and san juan worms with a bit more success,1/2 oz. bell sinker.Drifted mainly from the cable to trophy run.Fog started setting in about 4 pm then started raining around 5-5:30 pm.Water dropped to about 709 then I started throwing a H8 black and gold husky jerk.Lots of follows and some strikes,no large fish maybe the biggest was 16 inches.The warm water side from the cable past the rocking chair seemed to be the best.Headed for cooper creek in thick fog at 8:15 pm  and got there at dark because of the fog.I didn't see another boat but then again it was foggy.I wade fished the upper end by the rebar hole on Saturday morning stripping woolies and cracklebacks with some success.The fishing picked up when I switched to gray size 18 scuds and sight fished,no shuffling involved.I put the boat in after the water came on at the upper boat ramp.I tried some of the same things Saturday with the best luck on the H8 gold husky jerks.I caught some stripping ginger woolybuggers when the water was turned off that evening with a 5wt 10 foot type3 sink tip.Started Sunday morning stripping woolybuggers and cracklebacks with some success.The best fishing was with 18 gray scuds,sight fishing.Quit at noon and went home.

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