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On 8/9/2019 at 1:46 PM, Quillback said:

One thing to remember is that it is August, and I know for me this is always the toughest month to fish.  

I'm a daytime fisherman, I like to get out first thing and fish until 1030 or so.  There is an early bite, at least there has been the last couple of times I was out, and I'll try different locations looking for fish.  I won't spend too much time on any one spot if I'm not seeing fish or not getting bites, there's just not enough prime fishing time in the AM to spend time beating unproductive water.  Keep an eye open for bass chasing shad on the surface too, I haven't seen a lot of that myself, but when I do it tells me where there are active fish, and they usually aren't loners this time of year.

Drop shot should work, I'd try finesse type worms, like Zoom Finesse worms, Robo worms, or GY Cut Tails.  I don't like fishing bait for bass, nothing against others doing it, but I might be tempted to send down a night crawler on a drop shot if I was seeing fish but not getting bites.  

Don't overlook docks either.  



Best answer yet, add a 1/2 oz silver Binks pro spoon. Try casting it (many people don't cast them) but try it on a point in the morning. Cast it up in the shallow work it out into 25 or 30ft of water. Pick it up fast, drop it on slack line until it stops, while it falls reel the slack out, repeat, until you get it under the boat, bounce it under the boat a couple times, then cast again.

If you are not getting hung up, you are not doing it right.

If you find that this works, don't take pictures until it is over (usually about 10min).

One thing don't be afraid to use an off set worm hook on your drop shot.

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We get to TRL one a year for a week in late June. At those time the water levels and water temps can vary greatly.

We mainly fish around KC, Coney Island, and Cow Creek.

This year I decided to do some Google Earth scouting, looking for areas I thought for the time of year would be productive.

I was able to locate a nice cove/pocket off the main lake with a couple deep docks and standing timber. A spot we would normally drive right by. While we were there the water came up several feet and the LM were in the bushes. That little pocket produced a 5+ and a couple 3's within the week we were there. And out on the main lake side we got a bonus run of white bass one morning.

That spot may not pay off every year, but you can bet we will try it each time we are down there. Just like other spots we fish.


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I’ve been learning a lot of the graphs this year also.  The best thing for me was to drop on any fish I could see on the unit. I paid attention to anything that made movement toward my lure. Trip after trip I would only fish vertical. Which is literally a pain in the neck. After about 3 months I could tell which fish were likely going to bite. My usual day was 6 -7 hrs of not much action. 15-30 minutes of absolute mayhem . I never spend a lot of time per spot. But this is the biggest question in fishing . Do I stay or do I go ? One rule for sure is never leave them biting. It really comes down to instinct and confidence that the method your using will work at some point of time. Some stops I’m there for 2 minutes. I could make one cast and just not feel it . On the other hand I could waste 30 minutes and think I’m going to catch one the whole time. 

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