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8/17 - Night time trip report

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I was out both Friday and Saturday night again this weekend.  Both nights were clear with a full moon, which can make things a challenge.  I fished with Leonard Friday night, which is fortunate because he had a few tricks up his sleeve to catch some finicky moon addled trout.  I covered everywhere from outlet 1 to below the rebar hole over the course of both nights.  I saw quite a few other anglers on the water as well.

Both nights began with a strong bite early on catching fish on pretty much every cast, until the moon got up over the trees.  From then on they would get hot for a few short minutes at a time and then you would have to change colors, or wait until they came back around to the color you had on.  The PMS and the Hibernator both caught fish.  Olive and red were the best two colors.  My old standard black/purple was a dud.

No browns, all fat healthy rainbows between 15”-20”.  I heard of a nice brown getting caught early Friday night down by the boat ramp, but don’t know how big it was.  I talked to a few other people and didn’t find anyone else that had caught any brown trout.




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10 hours ago, JestersHK said:

Nice buddy!  I usually have better luck with a full moon with the jerk baits lol.  Highlights them from above I guess.  I'm needing a trip down badly...

You've got time!  It's still early.  I think in a few weeks we'll start to see some good fish.

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