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David Goddard

One Last Trip Before School

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I headed to my favorite smallmouth stream last Sunday with my girlfriend and our cat. The cat even willingly took a couple swims between kayaks. I thought that there would be enough water for this particular float to avoid most of the dragging. I was WRONG. We definitely bit off way more than we could chew. Didn't get off the river till like 10:15. That being said it was a super fun day and caught a ton of fish. I caught more smallmouth than anything else probably like 40, then around 20 largemouth, 6 or 7 spots, 1 gorgeous meanmouth I wish I would have photographed but didn't, and quite a few goggle eye as well. Had a little shore lunch of some goggle eye. I caught a few on top water and everything else on the ned rig. Fishing was simple, fish below every riffle and they were STACKED. Had a great time but next time I will not be floating such a long stretch. Tight Lines everyone!



Hg un b th.jpg


Ny 5yg GB ft gg.jpeg

Uh v5hgt.jpg

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@David Goddard congrats on a great float and drag trip :D! looks like a great time and with good fishing as well. Not a bad way to finish the summer before you start back up at school.

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