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23 hours ago, tjm said:

Turns out after the fact that he did, yes, but it also turns out that he got shot over it.  I guess he was dead? but he proved his rights. My point is that asking permission is free,  and it's my right to ask permission. Being polite and leaving if asked to by a landowner/lessee  is also my right. I guess we all have the "right" to do stupid things, although exercising that right might have consequences.  It is not a huge overstatement to say that an incident like this will happen again. It's a chance one takes when one becomes aggressive in dealing with unknown persons, with unknown issues. 

In the mind of the shooter at the moment it happened that camper WAS trespassing. Trespass is only  a charge or accusation until it goes to court. It is only true or false when the Judge says it is. I'd guess that half or more of all accusations of any sort are false or partially false, that is more or less why we have Courts, but one can still be shot or assaulted over an unproved accusation.. Happens all the time in domestic disputes. In the moment both the shooter and the dead guy were only "protecting their rights".

I agree with all of that, just wanted to correct your statement that the guy was a trespasser in fact.

I make it a practice to not stop on bars that show signs of use by the landowner like a picnic table or bbq grill, or are right in front of a cabin or have a road coming onto them. And if ever asked to leave a bar I will; there are plenty of other bars. 

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