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snagged in outlet 3

Labor Day weekend report

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I post these on my phone so excuse the typos.  I’m down here with family again and last night I stayed up late playing cards.  Put in at Cooper at 9 and ran to the cable.  Threw jigs and fly fished until 2.  It was on from ding to dong.  It stayed overcast till noon and they were biting.  Saw Babler, Chuck and a multitude of other guides and all were catching.   I don’t mess with em much just lay on the board and snap a picture.  The last dark one is 16” all the rest just under that  

Tubing on Tanlerock tomorrow with the kids but I’ll be back out Monday.  








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Good report Jester - I fished just below the Trophy area to Lilley's yesterday morning....water temp was in the mid 50's when I started. 

The bite was steady and there were flurries in areas that I drifted by. I used the pink worm under a float....float depth depending the water depth. Then would switch up to a ginger and brown jig and that was crazy good.

It really and I mean really started to get busy in that area so after a short break I decided to work my way from Lilley's towards the Landing. From here down the jig in the color mentioned was the cat's meow!! I was fishing the bank on the North side as much as possible....

The crazy thing was the numbers....not so much the size...even though there were some chunky ones....and fight!!. And to top it off many times I was the only boat in the area until I got to around Monkey Island to the Landing. 

Moral of the story - there is fish in every area....

Stay safe out there today 


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7 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

I have all girls down here and they talked me into another boat day on the rock.  They’re having a great time and I can fish another time.  No fish caught today, @Mitch f



One day the kids will be all grown and there will be plenty of time to fish. I was planning on going Sunday but since I was out until 2am so my kid could sit and talk music and guitars with one of her rock and roll heroes I decided to sleep in. 

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