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Launched the boat on Saturday morning at 8 AM...trolled #9 & #7 FlickerShad at 2.2 MPH in about 25 FOW. Didn't get a bite. Went back out an hour before dark and targeted brush against the docks using live minnows with slip bobber set to suspend them. Caught several small channel cats as well as a couple keeper crappie. Most of them hit with about 15 minutes until sun down. Went back out yesterday morning at 6 AM and targeted the same docks using the same technique.  Mostly short crappie, but at about 8:30 after the rain stopped got on top of some whites that were aggressive.  Only was able to stay on them for about 10 minutes but caught 5 of keeper size.  Overall seems like it picking up in the early morning and late evening.

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On ‎9‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 11:29 AM, Trevor K said:

Thanks for the report.  My in laws purchased a place near buck naked marina a few years ago and I have quite figured out the fishing in the area yet, so it's nice to see some info.

I'm still learning it myself. I've slowly started to catch more fish in the area. The big thing is to be patient and get out on the water. Lots of big catfish were taken this year in this area on the big mudflats. People netted their own shad then drifted the flats. In the spring when everyone is snaggin' don't be hesitant to run up into Cole Camp Creek even though it is shallow. There are a few deep areas that have produced crappie. I'm an old school wiggle wart/flicker Shad/Hot 'N Tot troller that has had to adapt to catch fish.  In this area I suggest going with a slip bobber set to the desired depth and use a jig or live minnow or shad.  The slip bobber allows me to pitch close to the docks and suspend the bait without getting into the brush. For some reason trolling really hasn't produced for me in this area.

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