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Bill’s Pink worm setup....

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Appreciate all the detailed info regarding your setup, Bill. Question.....do you ever fish the pink worm shallower than 7’6”.....does the small swivel fit through the carrot float....or do you need to shorten the leader for that? I like the idea of the carrot float. It seems like it would be less likely to damage the line compared to the weighted “clip on” style float. I use the clip one all the time but I’ve always been a little concerned about it damaging that delicate line. 

Is there a specific size float you prefer? Is the small pink worm heavy enough to cause the float to stand up, or does it lay on its side?

I appreciate everyone’s input on refining this fun technique.


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Phil said it best in his reports, we start usually at around 6’ and it really depends on the area your fishing. I want it to either just “tick” the bottom or be very close.  As the sun rises we  fish it in deeper water to 10-12 ft. This is much harder and requires a bit of weight especially if the water is running. No my swivel does not go thru the float

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