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New Guy "Coder on the Fly"

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I live in KC area,  work for www.keyholesoftware.com, Love to Fly Fish white river system. Spent most of my time fishing Taney, but been hitting the White a bit more.   

I've combined my love of coding and fly fishing, and developed a couple of free tools...  

SMS based generation tool.. info can be found here... https://keyholelabs.com/convo/cfswater

Just released a web app that organizes you tube fly tying videos into fly boxes... screen shot below.  site is . https://flytyerworld.com  

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 7.54.38 PM.png







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Thanks,   Here's a link to the Carp flybox...   https://flytyerworld.com/#/FlyboxTiles/5cc351c1dd8617be200715ca

 There's a species button when you click the flyboxes table... I'll add a catfish fly box.... and let you know... I caught a 15 to 20lb flathead stripping a black woolly bugger with 350 grain full sinking fly line.  It was up here in Kansas city at the KAW.    Also, I often catch channel cats when I'm stripping just about any type of bass fly that gets down there, also using fully sinking line.  Oh yeah, usually you need to use a slow crawling type retrieve. they don't seem to aggressively chase food.   Hope this helps. David


Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 7.46.47 PM.png

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Wow, those are awesome, thanks for the contribution! I'll be giving them a look before my next fishing adventure.


Also welcome!

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