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On 10/3/2019 at 8:12 PM, Bgctrading said:

Which river do you guys refer too there are several.

All of the river arms are good at the right time. Key words “right time”. I have gotten into them well on the james and the kings in the spring.  You are talking about a fairly small population of fish in comparison to bass. When the water temp and river flow gets right, they run up spawn in a night, drop back and go into a short term funk. As far as the river arms I have fallen back to fishing a 1/16 jig on 4 pound test just to float it in front of and causing a reaction bite if I can’t catch them on anything else. I can’t speak of the White as that’s Rps’s territory lol. It’s very hit or miss I will tell ya that. As far as the old river rats, they do get after some very large specimens tight lining chubs, I have seen a 4 fish stringer where there wasn’t one under 10 pounds largest was prolly pushing 14. 

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On 10/2/2019 at 6:19 PM, rps said:

General reply to several posts. I have caught two at 10 and 13.75 pounds. I saw a 14.5 alive. I have seen mounts ranging from 10 the 15.5. I am sure Rangerman can say the same. Bill Babler has posted multiple pictures of Buster's very large catches. Do I think a 20+ is in Table Rock? Yes. In Bull Shoals? He** yes.

As for learning to fish walleye, I urge you to read Rangerman's posts and the articles I have written. You will save yourselves years of learning.


 My friend I don’t know what the curse was this year but I lost some pigs. The biggest one being one my wife netted and she ultimately couldn’t lift the extended net. The fish rolled out leaving the crank bait entangled in the net. I was kind of at a loss of words.  Not mad, just at a loss. It was large enough I shut down kicker motor and had to chase it with the trolling motor for 15-20 minutes before I got it up. It was big I will leave it at that. 

I know a particular forum member 😬that had the same luck I had with landing large eyes this year. 

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