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Fished yesterday.  8 to leadwood again.  I really need to float a different river,  or at least a different section of the big.  I have very little experience on other rivers in missouri, but this stretch I float 20 times a year.  Anyhow, the water temp was 70, and air temp was 50s early up to mid 70s later.  Its low and clear and the fish are super easy to catch.  Any hole deeper than 3 feet will have wads of little bass.  Biggest was a 15 inch smallie.  My buddy caught a 2 or 3 foot long gar.  Jig worm did 90% of the work.  

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On 10/7/2019 at 10:39 PM, joeD said:

Go further down brother. Big river is a champ this time of year. Mammoth Merrill Browns. Giddy up!

Ya know...i actually really like the section that i float.  There are no jet boat assholes, and really not many people in general.  Id much prefer to catch dinks in peace and quiet than deal with the urban cowboy types of rural missouri with their screaming engines and country music.  In fact, to put icing on the cake,  according to the floating book it says to not even float that section. 

" Upper sections near the "lead belt" are subject to many of the effects of urban population and are not recommended even when there is enough water to float there."

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