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Trout species in Spring river?

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They stock some browns also. The AFGC trout booklet shows 4,000 browns to be stocked this year.

Three years ago they stocked some nice size Bonneville Cutthroats but I think most of them have been caught (and kept). 

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Mostly rainbow. They stocked browns a few years back, only time I caught very many. It's been a long time since I have seen a cut or brookie.  Fingerling stockings took a beating after they put muskie in there.

You can catch a brown when the float traffic is gone. Most all get caught and kept.

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3 hours ago, Fishfighter said:

So all four species could be there. I was wondering about that.  Thanks for the replies.

Don't think they have ever stocked brookies as the water is a bit warm for them. Brooks like cold water.

I have caught quite a few browns and a few cutties over the years and lots of rainbows.

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I think the only species of trout in the Ozarks is "stocked".

"There's a 2.5 mile section from Mammoth Spring to
Dam 3 that has a large area of riffles. It can be
reached from the Lasseter Access Area. This
section of the river is stocked with rainbows, browns,
cutthroats, and brook trout."

"In our area, Brook Trout have been stocked in the North Fork and Spring Rivers"

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