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I had the day off for Columbus Day so my 7 year old and I took the boat out to Clearwater.  I hadn’t been to the lake since I was 7 or 8 years old so I don’t remember too much about it. I can tell you the name of the lake is a misnomer as it’s anything but clear. Had a dirty green stain with only about a foot of visibility to it and it was about 63 degrees on top. Water seemed to be way down  but it looks like its a foot or so above where it should be now. Since I had my daughter with me and she wanted to fish with worms and a bobber I had to stick pretty close to the bank so my fishing was less than stellar as I only caught two small spotted bass. She did get a little green sunfish so I’m glad she at least caught something. 

Is that the typical color of the water and does fishing get better?  Being a 2:15 hour drive and not being able to fish like I wanted I’m sure with more time I could have found some better ones. I did get up into the Black arm a bit and the water color turned from a tan green color to more of an aqua/turquoise green color and I’m sure if I had a jet and could get up in the river farther above Bluff View marina but it was getting pretty shallow quick for my prop. 



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They found a sinkhole under dam, lowered lake level, grouted hole for several years, then left lake low like it is now.  It breached emergency spillway in May 2017.

That funky color is the new norm, same as the Back River below. I assume it is from the low lake levels and boats stirring up silt.

Looks like she caught the same dink I did a few weeks ago, the only fish of the day. It was hot and we were out for a boat ride.  Camped below the dam and had a good time.  But the fishing is poor there now.


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