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OK - got some readings this morning.  All from the bank, tossing the probe out as far as I could (8-10 ft cord), on the north side of the lake.
Dissolved Oxygen Level (parts per million) - Water Temperature (F)
At the cable - 5.4  57.9
From the small outlet -  9.7  57.2 
Below the small outlet - 5.3  57.7
Outlet #1 - 9.8  57.3
Below outlet #1 (about 75 feet down) - 6.2  57.5
Outlet #2 - 8.6  57.3
Below outlet #2  (about 100 feet down) - 6.9  57.7
At the stairs - 6.4  58.2
In the fish ladder - 8.4  57.8
Lilleys' Landing Dock - 5.3  57.9
Note: From what I've read, and I may be corrected by a professional in the field of coldwater fisheries, trout flourish in water with DO levels above 8 ppm, do ok in water with DO levels at 6 ppm, struggle a bit with DO levels between 4 and 5 ppm and don't do well at all in water with levels below 4. Temperature does play a role. Trout normally don't do well in water where temps are above 60 degrees. They are very receptive to stress and parasites that can cause death.
Compare this fall season with previous years - our water temps are on the high side but not critical and our DO levels aren't too bad. Of course, any O2 in the water released at Table Rock Dam is put there by the Corps through injectors and running turbines with air vents open. Also from the hatchery outlets. All this is in the life of most tailwaters... it's something we go through every year at this time.

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