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Anyone headed down for one last trip??  Looks like it may be a little wet.  Been a pretty quiet season at Bennett from my perspective. Fishing has been mediocre at best. Crowds have been bigger than usual. Fish size was decent but not great. Looking forward to a productive winter C&R season hopefully. 

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16 minutes ago, NoLuck said:

Looking forward to a productive winter C&R season hopefully. 

That's when trout park season opens for me. 

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It seems like a perfect year for everyone here. I was surprised the river didn’t get way up and stay up.

Lots of locals get upset with all the extra people here but they bring money and if a outfitter didn’t make it this year they never will.

One Outfitter is selling out for $500K I talked to a guy about it but because he has three Baseball Fields with the rains he lost $50K this year. Not good considering he owes me a bunch. LOL


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Wish the Cuz and I could.  Posed the question to my social director and she thought I had other things to do.  So will wait for C&R.  Not a fan of dragging the 5th wheel down when the roads can freeze, assuming CG1 will be available (without water of course).


Will let you know off post.

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The rain we’ve had so far has had little effect on the stream. Still crystal clear except for gunk that people are stirring up. Waiting for later today so the weekenders go home. Then it’s gonna be a great day on the stream. 


Fishing yesterday was decent on midges. Had an awesome hatch of cream mayflies. But I left all my drys at the camper. Still picked up quite a few fish on a TBH midge though. 

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