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Sunday walleye

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Put in at big m in search of some new areas for walleyes. The old man caught one keeper right off the bat. I pulled another one to the boat but didn’t land it. Both were right around 18.5in. Caught another short and bunch of bass, bottom bouncing 20-25 fow. Didn’t have any more luck till the end of the day trolling back to the boat ramp. Switched to trolling spoons and crankbaits and landed a 25incher which felt like I was pulling in a tree branch. Got some pics of him and put him back. Didn’t kill em but always a good day on the water. 

Broke my radio antenna but fixed it in the field 😂






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1 hour ago, willyfish said:

That's a really nice fish. The walleye in the lake seem to be thriving. 

Yes we are targeting walleye and learning the areas we fish and looking for good structure. Earlier in the year my son caught a 27 in Walleye. Liprippa is my son and we've been working as a team in the boat bottom bouncing and using the electronics searching them out. We both love to fish. After he caught his 27 inch fish we talked about not keeping the big ones and just keeping the eaters/ 18 inch keepers trying different tactics besides just bottom bouncing spinners and having fun when we have some success using other trolling methods. To me that's what fishing is all about. Especially with my own son. Good clean fun 🙂

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