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Had a great time vacationing at the lake last week. It was really fun and interesting fishing during this 5 day period due to such a variety of conditions we encountered. 

From fishing in the boat with bluebird skies and high winds trying to grind out a bite on Wed., to  steady downpours on Thurs., wading around the dam with zero flow for several hours on Fri., and finally drifting from the cable down the trophy section with flood gates open and trout gorging on shad Sat./Sun., with a few nighttime wading outings mixed in, it was an awesome experience! 

Top flies were #18 tan scuds during no flow, and #14/#12 grey and brown scuds with the gates open. Saw quite a few people doing well on red/orange San Juan worms and worm/scud tandem rigs. Caught fish at night around the dam on black 1/8 and 3/32nd jigs. Once the gates opened up, 1/8 white and dead drifted was the ticket. 

Fish were all really chunky and had a lot of fight. Ashley somehow caught a decent carp on a sculpin jig on Wed. which was the first fish of the trip. Seen the color and thought she had her first brown on. I think I was more excited than she was, but quickly noticed it wasn’t fighting her at all and she drug it right in. She was a bit bummed but I thought it was hilarious! 😂

We caught a lot of really nice fish and I managed 2 browns on scuds wading near the dam. Lost a really nice bow during no flow on Fri. that I’m still aching over. 6-7 lb fish that would have probably been my pb on a fly.

All in all it was an excellent trip, my best one so far. Landed a lot of  fish, too many to count, and my hands are still sore from all the abuse! 





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