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Multi Species at Cable

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Saw a couple of big browns cruising upon by the cable on river right, came back the next morning really early and threw fly rods with sink tip link and large articulated deceivers, no browns, but multiple crappie, white bass, kentucky bass, red eye's, and smallmouths, did they get sucked through the flood gates, or is the warmer water making them active? seemed like a bio mass of fish there, curios why?  








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Buster Loving and I pulled in Gar, Black Crappie, a Goggle Eye, a few White Bass, a Spotted Bass, and a couple of Rainbows fishing right under the cable last weekend (November 10th).  It was a blast and all hit a 1/32nd white jig (although we didn't see any shad).  Not a single Brown though :D.

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