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Phil Lilley

Cold and Breezy

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Didn't know what to title this topic... Taney's not turning but Table Rock is.

Temp was 61 a couple of days ago.  58.9 this morning and 58.3 at 4 when we did One Cast.  Fishing was dead this morning... now, shad in the water this afternoon and fish are killing it.

Debated to just do OC from the dock and not go out in the wind and snow... glad we ran to the dam.  Excited for the next few days.  Hopefully it's not another flash in the pan like we had on Saturday.

Fishing got hot, saw a bunch of shad... then it dried up.  Tough bite.  No shad.  But with this cold front and wind, TR's temp should drop on out and the lake should mix.


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Some good fishing, how often do you get out there and never see another boat?

Very cold here in Bella Vista this morning with a pretty stiff wind out of the north.  Nice full moon that is just setting above the horizon to the west.

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Not very often... but more than you think, esp in the evening.

15 here this morning with a breeze.  Haven't got outside yet...  Going to take the lake's temperature and see if it's dropped some more.

We may get a huge shad deposit before this is over.  Haven't had one of those in many years.

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