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Gonna need 1/2 jigs for jigfest this year

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So I am not fully up to speed yet on the flows of the White... Does this mean similar water to last year?  I know the big thing from the local guys was the amoutn of trash water that was occurring due to the release.  Other than that the fishing was really good last year.

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Here is a link to the USACE Water Level Control Plan for the White River basin. This is normal operation regardless of current water levels.

"1 December – 14 April: Regulate to 21 feet except, if a natural rise exceeding 21 feet occurs, regulate to the lesser of the observed crest or 24 feet. Spillway or conduit releases (non power-producing releases) will be utilized as needed to maintain a 21 feet regulating stage but, will be used to maintain a 24 feet regulating stage only when the 4- lake system flood storage exceeds 50% full. During flood operations, the total project discharge from Bull Shoals (using turbine and non-turbine releases) will approximate up to the equivalent of 10 hydropower turbines (32,000 cfs) and the total project discharge at Norfork will approximate up to the equivalent of 3 hydropower turbines (11,000 cfs), unless emergency operations are required.

 15 April – 7 May: Regulate to 14 feet except, regulate to 21 feet from 15 April through 30 April, and 18 feet from 1 May through 14 May, if the 4-lake system flood storage exceeds 50% full. At the request of Southwest Power Administration, and after coordination with the Little Rock District Corps of Engineers, hydropower releases for peak power demands in excess of those limited by the 14 feet regulating stage at Newport can be made providing: (1) Newport stage does not exceed 16 feet; (2) increased releases do not occur for more than 3 consecutive days; and (3) there will be a minimum of 7 days between requests.

8 May – 30 November: Regulate to 12 feet except, regulate to 14 feet from 15 May through 30 November if the 4-lake system flood storage exceeds 70% full."


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