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Devan S.

Beaver 11/25/19

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Put the boat in at Indian Creek at first light. Hoped to be chasing top water striper and was hoping I could stay close to the dam area based on @Quillback's previous years trips. 

This was by far the highlight.


No fish to speak of there were single blow ups in several spots but nothing sustained long enough to actually have a decent shot. I junk fished until basically 1 with no more than a sniff WT was 55-57 all day. 

I used A-rig, jerkbaits, flutter spoon, spook, and managed to throw the 6" huddleston. Fished from Indian creek all the way to between point 5 and 6. Tried to search out humps or abrupt changes in depth and beat the banks and the flooded timber in what I believe is Moudler Hollow some. 

I am not a bass fishermen or a striper fishermen. This was my second time on Beaver and 1st time in over 10 years. Take my experience with a grain of salt.  That 100' water really messed with a guy that spends 99% of his time up the Kings or White on TRL where I have to really look to find 50'+ deep water. 

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Well sorry to hear you did not get into them.  Those dang stripers can be anywhere, or nowhere.  Good day to be out, looks like the weather is going to go south on us tomorrow and stay bad for a while.  

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