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Duck boat and more

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Have 97 war eagle 648 LDSV with a 40 Honda 4stroke. Fantastic rig. $6k  

Otter Final attack layout boat

cabelas layout blind with waterproof bottom

tree stands

decoys; metric ton of ducks a couple dozen Canada floaters, field shell decoys, snow rags, full body mallards, mojos and much more. Mostly G&H and greenhead gear  all under roof and rigged

PM if interested in anything. Used to have 2 private lakes and made sure to have extra gear to slip away to public ground when conditions called for it. 


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Full bodies are big foot mallards in 6 slot bags  pm me an offer 

i have a ton of dekes. From magnums to woodies. A few dozen Texas rigged (mix of pintails, mallard, gadwall and feeders.)

if you are looking for something specific I will separate out. I’d make a smoking deal on Canada floaters. They eat up real estate 

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6 hours ago, Terrierman said:

What do you want for the decoys?  Two grandsons are ate up with it.

If you can give an idea of what you are after I could put a package together. How and where he hunts would help.

I’m guessing I have nearly 20 dozen here. 

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